ACI helps to ensure a soft ride

The Problem

Zorbing – the adventure activity that enables you to roll down hills safely.  A key facet to the success of Zorbing is ensuring the correct level of inflation. Helping Zorb South to achieve this is a ‘MultiStage’ blower from ACI.

Before every trip downhill, each Zorb is checked and inflated as necessary using the ACI MultiStage, to ensure a safe, fun ride. Prior to adopting the ACI blower, Zorb South used a leaf-blower but it was noisy and difficult to use, particularly inconvenient when close to customers.

The Solution

Following a visit to the ACI factory and a professional consultation, a Multi Stage Centrifugal fan was identified as the right solution for the application.

The Outcome

“My requirements were understood immediately and the solution offered has met all our needs. It’s quiet, it’s efficient and its electricity demands fall within the power limitations of our on-site generator.” Paul Knight, Zorb South.

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

Our range of forward bladed and backward curved centrifugal fans are available in a variety of designs, materials and supplies.  All fans and blowers are engineered to perform, combining quality manufacturing with innovative design in order to ensure reliability and cost-effective operation.