Having recently launched Complete Turnkey Solutions to clients who are looking for a fully integrated Conveyor / Air Knife Drying or Cooling System, one great example of this capability can be seen below.

In this instance, the customer was looking for an integrated conveyor system that could remove water from a small polymer sheet. The sheets are to be hand fed onto a variable speed belt conveyor, which is controlled by an inverter mounted on the side of the unit.

Turnkey Drying System Specification:

  • Painted mild steel construction based around a sturdy 40 x 40 mild steel box section base frame
  • Overall sizes – 2500mm long, 1000mm wide, 1500mm high
  • 700mm wide stainless steel conveyor belt (flat flex) with 2.35 diameter wire for strength and giving a 78% open area to maximise airflow through the belt
  • Stainless steel drive sprockets and spacers
  • Integral air knives fitted above and below the conveyor belt
  • Hinged cowl complete with gas strut dampers to contain removed water and moisture and also reduce noise
  • Variable speed belt controlled by an easily accessible inverter mounted on the conveyor side panel
  • Integral EP10A compact blower feeding the air knives fully covered below the conveyor within the base frame
  • Removable drip tray to catch any removed water
  • 2 x emergency stop buttons located at either end of the conveyor for easy access
  • Height adjustable feet mounted to the base frame
  • EP10A location area is fully lined with acoustic foam to reduce noise

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