ACI’s vast knowledge and experience with blower-driven air knife technology has led to the development of other innovative methods of air delivery, which includes their unique ‘non-scratch’ flexible / reciprocating nozzle systems.

These are specifically designed for drying applications where the component shape dictates a more vigorous air movement action. The simple ‘air-throwing’ action of the system allows the high velocity airflow generated by the blower to agitate all surface water and debris from very tight and intricate shapes.

Many automotive components such as camshafts, engine blocks and clutch plates as well as full automotive bodies, have benefited from the drying capabilities of the reciprocating nozzle system. The following video clip illustrates just how effective these systems are on Deutz’s engines which are used in their state-of-the-art agriculture machines.

(Drying System supplied through one of ACI’s German Distributors Carl von Gehlen)

If you are you are manufacturing any large product and looking for an optimal way to dry them after a washing or cleaning process, please contact ACI’s Sales Department on +44 01297 529242, or email [email protected].