ACI’s latest addition to its arsenal of cable and wire drying systems, is capable of effectively drying product well in excess of 500m/min.

The Double HIgh Speed Cable Dryer has been developed with the watchful assistance of a leading German manufacturer of high quality cables. They were keen to develop a more efficient blower-driven solution based on some existing drying equipment previously purchased from ACI’s German Distributor, Carl von Gehlen.

Powered by two 5.5kW blowers, the new High Speed Cable Dryer unit delivers twice the amount of high velocity, warm air as the standard High Speed Cable Dryer, so rather than delivering 3 passes of air, it delivers 6.  This design also incorporates ‘floating’ air plenum chambers which allows the entire front upper half of the enclosure to drop away on hingers. This feature is particularly important as it hugely improves access for both setup and maintenance procedures. The lid is secured with Stainless Steel over centre latches which can be locked if necessary.

Finally, the design of the new enclosure also prevents any removed water spray from escaping.

ACI Cable & Wire Dryers

ACI supports a wide array of products that have earned a  reputation for dependability and rugged design. By working closely with wire and cable manufacturers, ACI has quickly earned a solid, worldwide reputation for producing quality, engineered drying machines for wire and cable markets.