Our Belt-Driven Compact Blower, or more specifically the models EP10A and EP10AH, continues to be a success story.  Launched in 1999, and with a failure rate (within the 12 month warranty period) of less than 0.5%, ACI now has over 5000 units in the field.

Let’s be clear, the EP10A is not a unique product design concept belonging solely to ACI – there are some US variations which have been around for as much time if not slightly longer.  But what separates our British design from these others is quite simply the superior engineering of the EP10A’s blower’s head assembly.

The quality of the cast aluminium bearing outrigger along with steel bearing lines and the use of precision ceramic hybrid sealed bearings makes ACI’s blower a truly reliable and robust air movement unit.

Furthermore the EP10A requires no separate belt tensioning wheel and because of a one piece shaft and pulley arrangement this lowers the overall belt tension which results in less bearing loads therefore prolonging the units working life.

Each EP10A spindle/blower head unit is carefully assembled in a clean-room environment, away from the general factory area and subjected to a vigorous three hour running-in-cycle.  Once the blower is fully assembled it is then operated at full speed to ensure the unit is run in before it is despatched to the end-user.

Standard features include:

  • 5.KW to 15kW (7.5HP to 25HP)
  • Flow rates up to 1200CFM, and pressures up to 100In.Swg
  • NEMA and Metric frame motors
  • Hot air version available (maximum inlet temperatures of 185C / 365F
  • Polyester 5 micron filtration, disposable paper and HEPA filter options.

The EP10A can also be supplied with a number of accessories including starters, acoustic enclosures and thermal overload sensors.

High Pressure Fans & Blowers

Powerful and robust, ACI’s EP10A Compact Blowers incoporates a backward curved turbine bladed impeller. Due to its relatively small footprint, the EP10A is ideal for integrating into equipment. Additionally, a hot air version is available, processing air inlet temperatures of up to 185°C/365°F.