ACI have supplied centrifugal fans for hydro-chlorination for many years. The imminent legislation in ballast water management presents an ideal opportunity.

A new international law introduced by the International Maritime Organisation is about to come into effect that will demand that all ships using water for ballast will no longer be able to discard their ballast water back into the sea without neutralising it first. A firm date for its introduction is still to be finalised, but all the indications are that it soon will be.

“The intention will be that every ship will require an effective method to treat the ballast water prior to discharge. One of the methods being put forward is electrolytic disinfection – a process which uses a slipstream approach, whereby a small percentage of the total ballast water flow is used to generate a hypochlorite disinfection solution.

Systems can be remotely mounted away from the ballast lines and operate autonomously throughout the ballasting/de-ballasting cycle. It utilises a proven electrolytic treatment process to generate a disinfection solution using only electricity and water. A residual disinfectant remains in the ship’s ballast water tanks during the voyage, eliminating the potential for regrowth of organisms during transit.

All active compounds generated in the electrolytic disinfection process are safety neutralised before de-ballasting.”*

ACI already supplies fans for electrolytic disinfection applications as well as other offshore applications and are well prepared for any increases in demand. As well as offering ATEX rated and fully welded stainless steel fan units, we also have a number of standard construction units (cast aluminium and mild steel) that can be fitted with safe area motors.

*caption taken from Marine Engineering & Offshore Technology – Special Report – Water Treatment

ATEX Fans & Blowers

ACI has been producing industrial fans for group II equipment with gas & dust hazards for some time, and we have built a solid reputation for being a leading supplier and manufacturer of ATEX rated air movement equipment for companies around the World.