ACI achieves Made in Britain Accreditation

Air Control Industries, ACI, has announced that it has achieved the internationally recognised Made in Britain accreditation for its range of products developed, designed and manufactured at its UK headquarters in Devon.

A major force in the field of industrial fans used in everything from grain ventilation and pharmaceutical manufacturing through to drying solutions for the cable, wire and extrusion industries, ACI supplies cutting edge solutions supporting a global audience of customers in more than 40 countries.

Among its range of products, ACI designs and supplies air knife drying systems, bottle and can drying solutions and a range of JetBlack Safety personnel cleaning booths, which remove and safely collect potentially harmful dust from staff and their clothing. This prevents transmission into the wider environment, enhancing the health and wellbeing of workforces and communities internationally.

Commenting on the Made in Britain accreditation, ACI UK Sales Manager Matt Shelley, said: “Air Control Industries has a proven track record in air movement engineering with a pedigree that goes as far back as the 1960s.

“Our focus throughout has been constant innovation, using the best of British knowledge, expertise, skills and materials to produce global leading products. Working closely with our clients, many of which are household names, we create state-of-the-art solutions, individually tailored as required. These are backed by the CE Mark, ISO 9001, as well as industry, national and international standards that ensure complete client satisfaction.

“The Made in Britain accreditation endorses all that we stand for in terms of focussing on the delivery of the very highest levels of quality; from design, through development to production. Backed by customer service levels, engineering precision and craftsmanship that are the envy of the world, we are proud to fly the flag for Britain and to carry the Made in Britain stamp of quality on our domestic and internationally exported products.”

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united by the use of the registered collective mark of quality. Providing the ultimate mark of British provenance, the Made in Britain accreditation is seen as an international seal of excellence domestically, in Europe and across the world.

To qualify for the mark, manufacturers must pass a stringent 150-point checklist to guarantee that the manufacturing supply chain is ‘truly British’. Only those products that pass this test are permitted to carry the mark.

ACI Fans Manufacturing achieves Made in Britain Accreditation

A select group of just 1,260 manufacturers across Britain have so far been given permission to carry the Made in Britain accreditation brand.

John Pierce, CEO of Made in Britain, is delighted to welcome Air Control Industries to the fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers and look forward to working with them to capitalise on the demand for British-produced goods.

Product provenance is a key factor in business purchase decision-making and by displaying the Made in Britain mark, buyers can be reassured that our members are manufacturing in Britain to the very highest standards as well as adhering to ethical and sustainable business practices. ”
John Pierce, CEO Made in Britain


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