ACI’s growth track

ACI, true to its core value of being “Built to Last,” has embarked on a transformative journey in 2023, marked by strategic capital investments that fortify its current position and lay the groundwork for a robust and sustainable future.

Breakdown of ACI capital expenditure by category

Strategic Investments: A Pillar of Strength

At the forefront of ACI’s capital initiatives is a series of strategic acquisitions. Introducing a 3D printer and CNC machinery will help ACI boost prototype development, expand production capacity on-site and establish a competitive edge in delivering quality products.

The forklift, ATEX Bench, and the updated ATEX Certification underline ACI’s unwavering commitment to safety and compliance, specifically for hazardous environments, and set a benchmark for industry standards.

Sustainable Synergy: Powering Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability takes centre stage with the installation of solar panels. Beyond cost savings, this eco-friendly initiative highlights our dedication to minimising our carbon footprint. These solar panels not only power ACI’s operations but stand as a testament to the company’s responsibility towards the environment—a true embodiment of the “Built to Last” ethos.

ACI Premises with solar panels
ACI New Meeting Room
ACI 3D Printer building a prototype
CAM machine building a part

Innovative Infrastructure: Crafting Tomorrow’s Success

Much of the investment has also been channelled into enhancing the internal infrastructure. We created new meeting rooms to enhance collaboration and creativity. Integrating a Control System in our laboratory provides greater quality assurance and precision. The Sage HR system streamlines our HR operations and improves employee management and payroll processes.


By continuously investing into infrastructure and capabilities that will serve us for years to come, we are future-proofing ACI for sustainable growth rather than quick returns. It’s all part of our commitment to building something great to last.”

Adrian Nield

Managing Director, Air Control Industries