Employee Council Fosters Engagement

This year has seen concerted efforts by ACI’s employee council to bring our people closer together. Comprising seven volunteers from various departments, it is the driving force behind fostering a unified and engaging company culture. From morale-boosting social events to increased community outreach, the council has promoted greater engagement at all levels of the organisation.

ACI Employee Council Team

Celebratory Highlights

The highlight was undoubtedly the EO Launch Party at Dillington House this July, celebrating our company’s change in ownership. With around 60 staff and partners in attendance, it marked a new chapter for the company culture centred on collaboration. This ethos continued to the lively Christmas Party at the LordLeaze Hotel, where most of our employees gathered for festive fun.

Community Outreach

The Employee Council’s commitment to community outreach and charitable endeavours has been commendable. The Tik-Tok Day Nursery in Axminster benefited from a charity draw, illustrating our dedication to positively impacting the local community.

Social Events That Resonated

The Skittles and Quiz Afternoon at the Bell in Axminster have emerged as a crowd favourites. The event’s success can be attributed to its accessibility, inclusivity, and the universal appeal of games that brought everyone together. The brewery tour was another hit, reinforcing the council’s knack for organising engaging and well-attended social events.

Employee Suggestions

One of the significant roles of the Employee Council is to act as a bridge between employees and the company’s management team. This year, the council facilitated the communication of various employee suggestions, resulting in the approval and implementation of several impactful changes. The employee council has played a pivotal role in shaping our work environment, from enhanced healthcare benefits to improved infrastructure like safe pedestrian access and meeting rooms.

Seven suggestions are under review, showcasing the ongoing commitment to ensuring that every voice is heard and considered.

Food Bank Donation

Skittle Afternoon

Brewery Visit

Summer Barbecue

Summer Barbecue

Employee Ownership Launch Party

Employee Ownership Launch Party

Employee Ownership Launch Party

Employee Ownership Launch Party

In an interview with Dan Anjos, Chair of the employee council, we gained insights into future initiatives. Dan announced plans to schedule events months in advance to ensure employees can plan their attendance and foster engagement.

Furthermore, the Employee Council envisions connecting with the local community through shared experiences, such as attending local events together. This strategic approach aligns with ACI’s core value of “Bringing people together” by extending our reach beyond the workplace.

The accomplishments of the Employee Council in 2023 are a testament to the power of collaboration, engagement, and a shared commitment to our core values.