ACI: Staying Ahead of Safety Standards

One of this year’s significant achievements has been the comprehensive update that brings our range of explosion-proof fans up to date with the latest ATEX, IECEx, and UKEX certifications. Maintaining full compliance with current standards is essential for a company that prides itself on manufacturing the safest and most reliable products. The complete EX-certification update of our product line was not just a procedural checkbox but a meticulous examination of every single product we offer. Ensuring safety in hazardous environments is paramount, and our dedication to meeting the highest standards demonstrates our unyielding commitment.
ACI explostion-proof fan designed for ATEX and IECEx certification

“Our ability to attain full hazardous location compliance provides our customers confidence that all safety considerations have been thoroughly and robustly evaluated. The goal is always to deliver equipment that satisfies industry safety requirements.”

Chris Eastwood - ACI Product Manager

The exhaustive certification process required a significant workload to validate changes across all fan and product types. However, this investment in enhanced protocols strengthens us in the long term and distinguishes us in the market as an industry safety leader committed to zero compromises. Customers can feel confident knowing we never cut corners on safety and quality.

“We’ve invested over £60,000 on EX training and certification over the past two years” Chris emphasises. “This puts us in a strong position to partner with customers and provide the most effective explosion-proof solutions.”

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety standards, like EX, defines our identity and purpose. It allows us to build trust in our products that endure for decades under intense conditions. We will continue enhancing our designs and validation processes to offer customers equipment that meets their most demanding safety requirements.

ACI certificate for ATEX update
ACI certificate for IECEx
ACI certificate for UKEX