Air Control Industries

ACI Team Members Raised to Key Positions

ACI’s commitment to fostering talent within its workforce is evident in the recent promotions of Ollie Horrell, Dan Anjos, Florence Vaughan-France, and Dexter Neesam. These promotions underscore the company’s dedication to nurturing and cultivating leadership, inspiring a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Team promoted to key position

A Year In Review

Ollie Horrell completed his extensive training over the past 18 months, progressing from a junior role to a Sales Engineer position. His dedication, enthusiasm, and passion have consistently impressed his colleagues. We are proud to see Ollie step up as he brings innovative ideas to serve our customers.


Dan Anjos‘ passion and perseverance in serving our customers led him to new heights in April when he was promoted to Key Account Manager in our Channel Sales department. Dan is now responsible for 17 strategic global accounts in his new role.

“It was great to be recognised for my dedication and success in transferring to the Channel Sales team,” said Dan. “This promotion motivates me to continue growing and taking on new challenges in my expanded role.”

Our new Technical Sales Manager and Key Account Manager

In July, Florence Vaughan-France was promoted to Marketing Manager, now overseeing a team of two. Florence’s promotion aligns seamlessly with ACI’s core value of Never Standing Still. Her dynamic approach and ability to connect with people seamlessly make her an asset to the ACI team.

“I’m delighted to take on more responsibility. “ACI encourages professional growth, which lets us collaborate in new, exciting ways.”

Rounding out the promotions is Dexter Neesam, our newly appointed Technical Sales Manager, who took charge in September. With over seven years of technical knowledge, he now leads the Technical Sales and Customer Services teams to ensure client satisfaction and support across all products and services

“I’m thrilled to move into a management role and have the opportunity to further contribute to ACI’s growth and success. By blending technical knowledge with an understanding of business objectives, I believe we can create positive changes.”

As we celebrate the achievements of Ollie, Dan, Florence, and Dexter, we look forward to witnessing the continued success of our team, driven by the values that define us: innovation, collaboration, and the unwavering commitment to Never Standing Still.