Unveiling Our Dedicated R&D Team

As part of our core value “Built to Last”, we understand the importance of continually innovating and developing new solutions to serve our customers’ evolving needs.

This year, we significantly reinforced this commitment by forming a dedicated research and development (R&D) team.

This team is led by Mat Ayres, whose focus is on shaping the future of our product portfolio. By centrally coordinating development initiatives, we can take a more strategic approach – pursuing breakthrough advancements while enhancing our existing range.

“It allows us to focus on development work without being diluted by other projects.”

New Air Knife Solution designed by our R&D Team

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Achievement is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey. By keeping a keen eye on market trends, attending industry events, and actively monitoring emerging technologies, the R&D team incorporates external perspectives into their roadmap.

Tom Chapple’s experience at a recent Mechatronics event exemplifies our commitment to actively seeking inspiration beyond our immediate sphere, fostering connections that drive product enhancement and technological innovation.

Patrick Maguire, who specialises in both product design and engineering, has been at the forefront of our product development efforts. His expertise and creativity help ensure our offerings meet customer needs while incorporating the latest innovations.

This combination of focused internal development and outside awareness will help us deliver optimal value to our customers.

We also recognize the importance of company-wide collaboration. The R&D team welcomes ideas from all business areas to inform their efforts. We can develop innovations that fully serve our customers’ needs by tapping into our collective knowledge.

Charting Our Course

In the coming year, the R&D team will focus on improving our product range, aligning it with market needs, and maintaining a diverse portfolio that reflects innovation across all business areas. The team will also concentrate on expanding our product range while ensuring we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace. As Mat says,

“We need a structured programme and a holistic approach, so we have a broad product offering that the whole business understands, buys into and participates in.”

The R&D plans for the coming year are not just about products; they are about people. We invite contributions from our team members, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and everyone has a stake in our journey forward.

With the creation of a dedicated team to guide our innovation, the future looks bright. We are committed to continually developing innovative solutions that our customers can rely on – both today and for years to come. This investment in strategic R&D fortifies our foundation as a company built to last.