Containment Isolator

We have 1000s of different fan configurations in our catalogue. This means that whatever your requirements, we can offer you a vast array of different air volumes and pressures to suit your application.

Our multi-stage fans are engineered to deliver low-velocity, high-pressure air for exhaust systems in containment isolator. The extraction device provides laboratories and research facilities with a safe, and controlled environment to handle hazardous materials and fumes during compounding.


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Isolators are essential components for a wide range of processes in the pharmaceutical industry, as the gas-tight enclosure provides a complete barrier to ensure sterilised conditions and containment. The unit provides not only protection of the products and personnel but also the surrounding workspace.

There are many application-based isolators for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries such as controlled atmosphere, negative pressure, and sterility test isolators to name but a few.
What they all have in common, is their need for the correct airflow configuration to maintain their controlled environment.

Our multi-stage centrifugal blowers, the M11-080, have the required characteristics. They provide a constant laminar airflow to keep hazardous materials within the unit. Their high-pressure ventilation allows the contaminated air to be filtered before being expelled through the exhaust unit.

MS11-080 Multi-Stage Series:
  • Efficient, robust and suitable for both positive and negative pressure atmosphere
  • Fitted with speed control as an option to provide an adjustable frequency drive depending on the testing conditions
  • Engineered to operate 24/7 without risk of motor damage or burn-out, making them a cost-effective solution
  • Compact design to fit most exhaust devices
  • Available in stainless steel version to resist corrosion from gas and chemicals
  • Built to BS standards
  • Can be designed to meet ATEX and IECEx certifications
  • Bespoke solutions are available to meet specific requirements
  • Run quietly to ensure a peaceful working environment


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ACI - ATEX Multi Stage Fan
ACI - ATEX Multi Stage Fan
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