We are now able to offer a protective stainless steel safety cover for our wall-mounted JetBlack personnel cleaning stations.

It is suitable for both the OSHA compliant 115V and 240V versions, and is fabricated using stainless steel 304 which allows it to be positioned in outdoor locations.

The cover is:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be simply retrofitted to existing wall mounted units.
  • Has an integrated gun holder.
  • It is not suitable for the old cylindrical style JetBlacks.
  • The exact dimensions of the cover are:
    H: 19.65” (499mm) x W: 23.62” (600mm) x D: 15.71” (399mm)

JetBlack Cleaning Systems

ACI has long recognised the dangers of compressed air for personnel and machinery cleaning operations. The JetBlack™ Cleaning Systems are easy to use alternatives to compressed air that offer employers peace of mind, and users a completely safe solution for removing dust and contamination.