Waste Separation Fans

ACI is helping many companies with innovative solutions to recycling issues, particularly in the area of waste separation.

For example, a waste separation fan placed horizontally across a drop enables all ‘light’ material to be caught by the airflow and blown into a collection bin on the opposite side of the conveyor.  From wood fibres that are manufactured into paper and glass to metal materials which are melted and formed, ACI waste separation fans are compatible in various applications used in the recycling industry.

Additionally air knives can be employed during the separation of aluminium from non-conductive materials. Their purpose is to boost the flight of the conductive aluminium as it is ejected by the electric field created by the eddy current device (positives repelling each other) beyond a separating baffle.  This greater distance of travel ensures a more positive separation of materials to achieve a cleaner end product.

Blowers are commonly used to separate lights within recycling processes