Energy-Efficient Fans for the Waste Management Industry

Fans for Waste Management Solutions

• Optimise revenues.
• Eliminate premature failure.
• Reliable recycling quality.

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Getting The Correct Solution Can Seriously Improve Recycling Quality

To ensure an effective recycling process, waste must be sorted appropriately to maximise the number of materials that can be re-purposed.

Custom systems use precision-targeted high-velocity air to separate waste by material types, weight, density. They provide a quicker and more effective sorting process:

  • Generates higher quality recycled products
  • Improved recycling volumes
  • Reduces in labour costs
  • Increases in revenues

Highly cost-effective air knife and fans solutions specialising in sustainable resource extraction and recycling – from wood fibres, paper, plastic and glass, to aluminium and non-conductive materials.

Enhanced Performance. Cleaner end product. Reduce carbon footprint. Simple to set up.

  • Versatile construction – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium
  • Adaptable to various production lines or conveyor types
  • Custom solutions available to meet your specific requirements
  • Various shapes options (chevron, squares and multiple angles)
  • ‘Witness testing’ offered
  • In-house quality manufacture

Fans & Blowers for Soil Remediation

Reliable and efficient fan solutions designed to treat contaminated soils, groundwater, surface water, sediment, sludges and tars.

Use high-pressure/high-velocity airflow to create an oxygen-rich environment to separate contaminants from water and soil so they can be extracted or treated – cost-effective, consistent treatment, no downtime.

Sustainable design – stainless steel, special corrosion and rust-resistant coatings – makes these fans highly durable and low maintenance.

Guaranteed performance. Predictable running costs. Easy installation.

Customised centrifugal fans and side channel blowers to suit most remediation techniques and specifications.

  • Versatile construction – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium
  • Flow Rates Up to 6,000 M³/hr at 55” Wg
  • Custom solutions available to meet your specific requirements
  • Special paint and finishing options
  • ‘Witness testing’ offered
  • In-house quality manufacture
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ACI Fans for waste recycling
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