Money saved and quality ensured for steel manufacturer

The Problem

At the Corus Trostre Works, Llanelli, compressed air delivered through 66 nozzles was used to remove surface moisture from steel strip as it exited the steel mill. This was an expensive process and one of variable performance.  The 66 nozzles delivered a total of 1748 scfm at 5Bar. This equates to more than 7HP/5kW per nozzle making a total in excess of 345kW with an annual running cost for a 48 week/year of approximately £75,000.

The Solution

A new blower-powered Air Knife moisture removal system was installed on the five-stand mill and was considered to be a real success because it both saves money and helps to ensure quality.

The Outcome

The Air Knife System uses just 60kW yet achieves more efficient moisture removal. The result, payback was achieved in just 21 weeks.

“Whilst the compressed air supply was subject to other demands, the blower-powered Air Knives delivered the correct air output – constantly. Air delivered by the Air Knives also has the benefit of being heated by the blowers, as a result of air compression, making it a more effective drying agent.” Paul Millet, Senior Development Engineer, Corus.