Air Knife Technology Sees Huge Productivity Increase

The Problem

Denso Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of automotive and non-automotive components for the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the replacement market.

The company was having issues meeting both the quality and corrosion resistance specification of their condenser units  particularly where the product had to be ‘chromated’. The 15-stage operation included rinse, air-blow, oven drying, curing and cooling treatments. Originally it was taking up to 10-12 minutes to dry the units but where time-to-market is critical the company needed to see a vast improvement.


The Solution


Denso made the change from compressed air nozzle blowers to air knives in order to overcome the problem. The company required both constant high velocity and high volume of air to get the specified cycle time of 15 seconds per unit and the dryness they were looking for.


The Outcome


Although they were only achieving a cycle time of 20 seconds, the savings more than outweigh the investment.


Air knife systems


ACI Air Knife Systems are blower-driven solutions that increase production efficiencies and save you significant running costs. Our air knife systems have a uniform slot design that projects an uninterrupted sheet of precisely controlled, high velocity air – thereby supplying a powerful flow across the entire surface of the product being processed.