Blowing the ‘lights’ out ensures cost-effective scrap sorting

The Problem

McCloskey International Ltd. offers complete solutions for Crushing, Screening & Recycling Equipment. When skips arrive at the depots, the processes of sorting the contents of these skips needed improving.

The Solution

An ACI blower was installed providing a  blast of continuous air across the conveyor as media passes after final picking and magnetic extraction of metals.– the air has the effect of extracting ‘lights’  such as paper, plastic, cardboard etc. into a collection bin.  The blowers used are forward bladed, centrifugal blowers. ACI recommended these because of their superior performance compared to other designs, on a size-by-size basis.

The Outcome

“Because the ACI units are so efficient they are compact for their output performance.  Their compactness and mounting arrangement also means the blowers are easy to install.” Declan Dooley, Engineering Manager, McCloskey International.


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