Cornish Orchards increase their potential by installing a bottle drying system

Andy Atkinson, Managing Director and founder of Cornish Orchards, began producing ‘home-grown’ fruit juices and ciders on his dairy farm over twenty years ago in order to sell at local markets and fairs. Demand soon became so high he took the decision to devote all of his energies away from dairy farming and into creating the very best premium quality drink products.

Today Cornish Orchards is owned by Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC who purchased the company in 2013. Since this time Cornish Orchards has increased its bottle output by 33%, increased its workforce to over 30 staff and is distributed nationally and internationally.

Adam Keen, Cornish Orchard’s Packaging Supervisor, recently approached ACI with the objective of improving the overall labelling process on their main bottling line. “With all the work taken to get the highest quality product to my department, I wanted to do my bit to ensure that we could finish off the bottles to the best of our ability, ensuring we get the bottle labelled perfectly every time”.  Adam continues, “The project goal was to label consistently and accurately every time.”

The Solution

After discovering ACI’s bottle and can drying systems via a Google search, the company was visited by ACI’s Business Development Manager who was confident that the labelling problem could be easily solved. As Cornish Orchards had an existing drying system that had been supplied as part of their pasteuriser, they were quite sceptical as to how much better the ACI system could be, but this fear was alleviated when Adam was invited to visit the ACI factory in Axminster where trials of Cornish Orchard’s full range of cider bottles took place.

“The trials gave me the confidence that the ACI solution would give me exactly what we needed to label our bottles perfectly every time. It managed to dry the whole bottle, even under the crown cap!” Adam states.

Cornish Orchards took delivery of their system in March 2016 and following a very straightforward installation commented on how easy it was to both operate and maintain.

Solutions For Packaging & Labelling

Our range of bottle and can drying systems helps to ensure that today’s ground breaking labelling and packaging technology is not compromised by any surface water used in the packaging process.

Air knife system drying Cornish Orchard wine bottles
Two bottles of Cornish Orchard Wine on a bed of straw