Can ACI offer on-site demonstrations of their products?

Yes, ACI can offer any company based on the UK mainland a free demonstration of its air knife systems, as well as other selected products such as the JetBlack and Dry-Line units.  If your company is based outside of the UK, ACI are able to assess the success of our drying systems on your product as we have an extensive test area at our main factory site in Devon, UK.  For either service, please contact our Sales Department.

Does ACI offer an installation service?
Yes, ACI can offer installation for UK mainland installations if required. The average system (including blower, air knives or manifolds) should be able to be installed within an 8 hour shift. The line will need to be shut down for most systems installs and multiple systems or multiple lines will take longer. For questions or more information on installation please contact us.
How much maintenance does the blower require?
Regular visual checks maintenance will make your blower last for many years. Any time the blower is serviced, confirm the motor and blower direction of rotation as marked on the blower, plate and motor.  An incorrectly fitted or tensioned belt will cause vibration, belt ware and bearing failure at the pulley side of the blower. A bad belt can cause vibration, dust and a heating problem at the pulley end of the blower.  Poor filtration will affect the quality of the process air. It will cause a build-up of air borne material on the impeller and scroll clearance, thus creating bearing failure and lock up of the blower.
Is an ACI Air Knife System going to be expensive?

Each air knife system is specifically engineered for your project to meet your application needs along with the reduction of energy or reduction of compressed air. ACI air knife systems typically offer a Return on Investment (ROI) within less than 6 months.

How do I order replacement parts?
All of our scheduled maintenance parts (Belts, Filter, Blower Heads) are in stock and ready to ship. If you are in a line down situation and in need of a blower head, we can typically get one out the same day if the purchase order (PO) or payment is received before 11am. Most other parts will be despatched within 3-5 days of the received PO or payment.
What do I do if there is a blower head failure?
ACI do not recommend to customers to rebuild blowers outside of our own facility. Our blowers go through precision balancing processes. If the blower is not precision balanced when rebuilt, there is a danger of the blower breaking apart and causing personal injury to anyone in the immediate area.

Normally a quote on the cost of the repair is sent to our customers within 48 hours after receiving the failed blower head. The standard lead time for the repair is 3-5 business days after receipt of the repair order.