ACI’s Destratification Fans are specifically designed to save you money and increase comfort levels within high buildings such as agricultural buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail warehouses, or sport centres. JetFans continuously and gently mix the air, balancing temperatures (destratification) from ceiling to floor and wall to wall which helps any present HVAC system maintain a desired temperature.

By not overheating or cooling a building space unnecessarily, the results are to significantly reduce energy costs. This is why the Carbon Trust rates the installation of thermal destratification fans as one of the top carbon reducing initiatives for any type of building.

With any conventional air heating system warm air will always rise to roof level by natural convection. In high buildings this will normally result in high temperature gradients and consequently increased energy usage. Using JetFan technology will reverse this natural convection process, recirculate warm air back to working levels, and finally provide a permanent reduction in roof space temperature and uniform temperature distribution.

Further benefits include:

ROI typically 12-36 months
Up to 35% reduction of heating costs / Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
Creates a more comfortable working environment
Maximises the efficiency of all types of HVAC systems
Simple to install
Reduced run time on existing HVAC equipmentT
Reduced internal condensation
Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan

ACI Destratification Fans

ACI’s destratification fan units enable building spaces not to be overheated or cooled unnecessarily, the results are to significantly reduce energy costs and increase comfort levels. JetFans continuously and gently mix the air balancing temperatures from ceiling-to-floor, wall to wall.