Our test facility comprises three discharge side test ducts and an inlet side test chamber specially engineered for measurement of fan performance designed to BS EN ISO 5801:2008 previously BS 848-1:2007.

By matching the fan size to the appropriate test duct performance can be measured from the smallest fans right up to fans with discharge areas of 5000cm².  The largest tested so far producing in excess of 20,000m³/h.

The test ducts may also be used for measuring losses in airflow systems, be they at the feed or exit points of inline devices or at the end of ducting systems.  It is ideal for configurations where air/gas flow lines incorporate elbows, filters or dampers.  Test can be performed on ducting/pipework up to diameters of 35cm and to date, tests have been performed on systems with working pressures of up 2,500 mm.wg and flow rates of 7,000 m3/hr.

Electrical control for motors up to 55kW is available in our dedicated Laboratory.

Test results are captured by data acquisition and a graphical output provided displaying flow, pressure, current, power and efficiency.

The test facility was created to test ACI’s own fans and blowers but is now proving to be a valuable additional service that can be offered to potential users from different areas of industry.

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