ACI EP10A belt driven compact blower is designed to be a minimum maintenance device. Nevertheless, following some basic maintenance operations will extend the life of the blower’s mechanical components and ensure continued efficiency and longevity.

The key point to maintaining the performance of the EP10A is to keep the pre-filter and main filter assembly clean –  ACI advises that the pre-filter is cleaned every 4-6 weeks (depending on working environment conditions) and the main filter element to be completely replaced every 6 months.

Removing the filter element

Step 1:

Remove pre-filter element by releasing the security nut and washer. Use a 17mm AF spanner.

Step 2:

Withdraw the filter end-plate and filter assembly over the fixing stud.

Step 3:

Remove the pre-filter sock from the main filter element.

Cleaning the pre-filter sock

Step 1:

Place the pre-filter sock in warm water, preferably with a low foaming detergent.

Step 2:

Wash pre-filter sock thoroughly. Rinse through thoroughly in clean water and squeeze as much water out as possible. Leave to dry thoroughly before replacing.

Cleaning the main filter element

The main filter element may be washed using the same procedure as the pre-filter sock. However, It is important to be aware that the cleaning procedure for this part is far more time consuming and because of this, ACI recommend a spare filter is fitted whilst the cleaning procedure is carried out.

Once the main filter element has been washed and rinsed, ACI recommend the following:

  • Remove as much of the water soaked up by the main filter element.
  • Place the filter in an oven at 60 °C for a minimum of four hours. If an oven is not available, dry off in a well ventilated room and leave for 24 hours minimum – longer if the unit is still not dry.
The main filter element must be dried off completely otherwise moisture will be drawn through the blower head which could possibly cause a major and costly failure.

Re-fitting filter elements

  • Once the main filter element and the pre-filter sock are thoroughly dried, they can be refitted to each other.
  • Refit the filter and its cover and secure in place using the nut and washer.

It is essential that air filters are regularly maintained and replaced. Only filters supplied by ACI or our distributors should be fitted to the EP10A Blower. Please contact us for more information.

EP10A Belt-Driven Compact Blowers

Powerful and robust, our EP10A Compact Blowers incorporate a
backward curved turbine bladed impeller. They are available with motors
from 5.5 through to 18.5kW in standard metric or NEMA frames and can
be easily retrofitted in place of other belt driven alternatives.

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