ACI has added a further innovative blower design to its already extensive range of industrial centrifugal units. The MR315WS clean air blower model has been specifically designed to self-clean without the need for additional filters.

The new high-capacity cooling blower has been created to endure the harshest of environments even under extreme conditions. The cooling blower will force out any debris present, such as dirt particles, insects, snow, and water, before it enters the cooling air stream. The MR315WS is initially available in a mild steel construction (3, 5 and 10mm thick) as standard but can also be offered in Stainless Steel if required.

Further models and configurations are available, including custom manufacturing for OEM clients. ACI’s standard product lines are 5 or 7.5kW motors sizes, but larger rated units are available upon request.

The MR315WS shown above has been finished in a powder coat federal standard 595 13591 ‘Safety Yellow’ although any colour can be applied.