Within the last 12 months, ACI has supplied numerous turnkey conveyor systems with integrated air knife solutions to companies within the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. For example, most recently we have supplied a leading pet-food supplier with a turn-key unit designed to effectively remove any excess water from plastic pet food containers before further processing.

The conveyor system is split into four distinctive areas:

Straight Conveyor Section

Dimensions:- 1000mm wide x 3000mm long x 930mm belt height from floor level
Stainless steel grade 316 construction in accordance with food regulations
Optical sensors to stop conveyor if 2 baskets of product are on the roller section and conveyor at one time
Geared motor to drive conveyor, linked to an inverter in control panel for speed control
Stainless steel wire-belt conveyor 1.6 wire dia. 7.26mm pitch – 75% open area
Conveyor on adjustable height mounting feet
Adjustable idler shaft mounting to tension belt
Emergency stop buttons incorporated into conveyor and control panel

Stainless Steel Air knives:

2 above and 2 below conveyor, slightly angled to blow off the excess water
Air knives adjustable for height and along length

Gravity Roller Section [1000mm x 1000m]

Centrifugal blower

Remote wall mounted control panel with inverter and optical sensor control
Euroventalatori radial bladed blower, inverter control and acoustic enclosure feeding the Air knife configuration

ACI Turnkey Conveyor Systems

Offering a range of straight conveyor systems suitable for use in industrial and hygiene-sensitive environments, all of ACI’s conveyors are designed to ensure efficient operation, improved belt life and maximum cleaning ability.