Within the last few days, ACI has finalised the installation of a new spray-booth facility at its headquarters in Axminster, UK.

Catering for both powder and wet paint finishes, the new spray-booth will allow us to produce our fan components with the durable paint coatings and keep up with the many product finishing demands of our diverse customer base.


Designed specifically for efficient powder coating extraction, the new booth uses filters that are so efficient that the clean air can be extracted back into the factory atmosphere. This happens at high level, above the spray chamber, meaning no building alterations had to be made for any external ductwork. This also creates a recirculation for the air so an extra air replacement fan is not needed.

Pleated Hemipleat Cone filters with a large surface area are used to maximise extraction, life and efficiency. These effectively extract any excess powder keeping the working area and atmosphere clean. Additionally, the booth also has an integrated self-cleaning pulse-jet system which ensures longer filter life and maximum extraction rates.


The extraction system for this is via a rear mounted dry filter extract chamber, coupled to belt driven axial extract fans.  Disposable Spray-booth Filter Paper (stage 1) consists of 2 sheets of heavy cardboard paper formed into double accordion type folds with staggered holes to provide a highly efficient filter. Paint laden air is drawn into the filter by the spray-booth fan and is forced to change direction 4 times causing particulate to adhere to the surfaces of the filter.

The large air openings in the filter allow high volumes of air to be exhausted without loss of efficiency as the media “loads”, resulting in a much longer life than other filter systems.

If you would like to know more about ACI’s paint finishing capabilities, please contact call us now on +1 877 326 1862​.