Aeration Fans

Aeration fans are typically used to inject and move air through solids or fluids. Various materials require aeration due to the changing environmental conditions.  ACI’s aeration fans are utilized in processes or systems either to supply air or to remove unwanted compounds in waste-water treatments.  ACI aeration fans also provide moisture and temperature control in storage and composting applications.

ACI’s multi stage fans can be utilised in electroplating tank aeration as alternative to using more traditional side channel blowers.  For example, an 1.1kW ACI Multi Stage blower provides enough air volume to effectively agitate up to 10 x 200 litre tanks at the fraction of the running costs with the added benefit of extreme reliability.  Added to that is there is no filtration required on the Multi Stage due to the lack of contacting parts and lubricants in the blower.

Fish Tanks:

Retail fish outlets for tropical or sea water fish displays/storage with multiple tanks can benefit from ACI’s Multi Stage range of centrifugal fans. The MS8 range in particular can aerate tanks of up to 18″ deep and the MS11 range up to 26″ deep. Typically the 9MS8 multi stage model will provide enough air for 75 tanks each having two uplifts at 18″ depth. The 7MS8 can supply 75 tanks having two uplifts to a depth of 15″ deep.  Finally the 5MS8 model can provide 50 tanks with two uplifts to a depth of 12″.  The power requirements are 120 watts for the 7 & 9 stage and 90 watts for the 5 stage.

All of these fan units should be piped in 1 ½” diameter pipework with 1/8″ airline dropped into each tank. Providing a loose type ‘air-stone’ is fitted, they can be used for efficient circulation.