optimised revenues.

Eliminate premature failures.

constant recycling quality.

Even airstream – quick & efficient sorting process

Withstand corrosive environment – reduce breakdown


Are your fans providing you with the best output?

Industrial fans and blowers are crucial to the energy and environment industries.

But they don’t always perform at the best of their capabilities – impacting production, compromising consistency, and operating costs.

Are your fans providing you with the best output?

Industrial fans and blowers are crucial to the energy and environment industries.
But they don’t always perform at the best of their capabilities – impacting production
compromising consistency and operating costs.

Why DIY Air Blowers Can Underperform And Fail

Struggling along with outdated or off-the-shelf air blowers can prove a costly exercise. There are many industrial fans on the market, but not all are suitable for the environmental and energy sectors.

Faults include:

  • wrong fans for application – affect production and create health and safety issues
  • incorrect power, size, and filtration specifications – impact on carbon footprint
  • are unreliable and break down – increase downtimes and production stoppage.
  • Underperform – generic solutions and not designed for the application – affect revenues.
  • Are installed and commissioned incorrectly – compromise effectiveness and efficiency.
ACI fans for Soil Remediation

Why Fans for the Energy and Environmental Sector?

Offer quality industrial fans and systems designed for a wide range of energy and environmental application, such as:

– Air Combustion – Biomass, Incineration
– Oil & Gas – Oil and gas platforms, Chemical Plants
– Renewable – Wind Turbines, Battery Packs
– Waste Management – Recycling, Soil & Water Remediation

With ACI industrial fans or air knife systems incorporated in your production line, you will improve productivity and lifetime unit costs while complying with your industry standards.

Capabilities to assist with all applications and projects, whether for a single unit or a continuous multinational requirement.

Durable, performant air solutions for the energy and environmental industries, delivered by experts.

Guaranteed Improvements, Results And Savings

Our testing facility and fan performance curves will demonstrate that the fan supplied is the most efficient and economical solution for your need. At the same time, the operating life costs will validate the potential savings.

Your industrial fan partner: deal with an experienced supplier that delivers superior customer care – no matter how large, small, or complex your project.

Gain ready access to our specialist engineering team – from design through manufacturing, installation and commissioning to completion and aftercare.

ACI Fans for Biomass Plant


ATEX & IECEx rated fans designed for the harshest environment

ACI - Can and bottle dryer

Provide reliable, efficient airflow to safely extract potentially flammable and combustible gas, vapour, and dust.


Efficient burning process for better heat generation

ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers

Combustion fans deliver consistent airflow circulation for maximum fuel combustion and reduced energy costs.


Optimise performance, eliminate premature part failure

ACI Craft Brewery Systems

Cost-effective and durable ventilation systems to protect wind turbines and battery packs from overheating.

Waste Management

Effective waste and contaminant separation

ACI Craft Brewery Systems

Fan range engineered to improve waste separation while also withstanding corrosive contaminants in water and soil remediation treatments.

Why ACI?

50+ years of technical expertise
and experience.

World-class solutions –
US (Maine) subsidiary. Distributors,
agents and partners in 40+ countries.

Performance guaranteed – all standard and custom systems will perform as tested and specified. Guaranteed results and savings.

Advanced quieter air blowers
that take up less space.

UK designed and
manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers
across the world.

How ACI has helped businesses like you

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Cost-effective Scrap Sorting at McCloskey

Discover how ACI’s advanced blowers helped recycling company McCloskey International to improve its waste separation efficiency.


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