Supplying ACI’s DRI-Line Bottle and Can Drying products to extremely hot countries around the World has always been a challenge due the effect heat can have on rotating machinery. This is especially true for our LNL DRI-Line enclosures where the powerhouse is the EP10A Compact Blower.

To avoid parts over heating at these elevated temperatures we had to ensure the blower design was adapted to ensure all rotating parts remained as cool as possible. We modified the blower so that it can handle air intake temperatures in excess of 180 DegC (ref: EP10AH). A de-rated motor was also fitted as standard motors are only good for ambient temperatures of up to 40DegC.

To ensure the drive belt remained as cool as possible we needed an alternative to our standard vacuum formed belt guard. This problem led ACI’s Design Team to come up with an alternative that would be safe and robust but could operate reliably in these conditions. The result is a replacement guard made from fully ‘finger-proof’ perforated sheet metal and painted black. The holes in the guard allow air to get in & circulate – keeping everything cool and functional.

This arrangement has worked a treat and is now standard fit on all systems supplied to areas where high ambient temperatures can be experienced.

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Solutions For Packaging & Labelling

Our range of bottle and can drying systems helps to ensure that today’s ground breaking labelling and packaging technology is not compromised by any surface water used in the packaging process.