Since its original introduction to the Global Filling Industry in 2005, ACI’s blower-powered Can Drying Tunnel has successfully and consistently out-performed more conventional air knife and compressed-air alternatives.

ACI’s Can Drying Tunnel plenum employs a specially developed “Y” slot configuration to achieve maximum moisture removal yet requires only low air pressures to operate which means far less energy is required to achieve the drying process. Not only does this mean less noise and turbulence is created, but more importantly it leads to a significant reduction in energy bills.

ACI’s Can Drying Tunnel can now be offered with a precise height adjusting feature that is “stepless”. This new feature enables operators to set specific heights of the air delivery plenum to accommodate different can sizes (both standard and non-standard) thereby ensuring effective can drying which meets or exceeds BCME standards.

A height adjustment range from 110mm to 210mm is achieved using a pair of rotary hand wheels – guide rulers are located at each corner of the unit to help ensure accurate and equal levelling for maximum efficiency. This all minimises the risk of stress corrosion cracking and corrosion caused by residual moisture.

All components of the height adjustment mechanism are either stainless steel or lubrication-free engineering plastic. This ensures longevity in the clean down, moisture laden environment where the Can Drying Tunnel typically operates.

ACI’s Can Drying Tunnels can be used either on single or multi-can feeds and be fully integrated into conveyor lines. The customer is also given a choice of enclosure configurations which are completely dependent on customer factors such as noise restrictions, spray containment, and space availability on the production line.