• Increase output, cut costs, meet the <3mg moisture standard.
• Line speeds up to 60,000+ cans per hour.
• Eliminate stress corrosion.


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Can Dryers – Custom-Configured To Boost Output, Improve Quality, Cut Costs

Achieve line speeds of 60,000+ cans per hour. Stop rust forming on cans. Eliminate transgranular stress corrosion (TGSC).

Turnkey solutions: choose from premium fully enclosed systems (<85dBA), partially enclosed systems (90-95dBA), cost-effective open systems or out-of-the-box dryers (designed for craft breweries).


Worried about transgranular stress corrosion? The risk of TGSC rises significantly in hot and humid conditions (30°C, +60% relative humidity). Failure can occur within days or months, depending on the conditions. Corrosive weakening and internal pressure can cause the can’s score panel to burst open – wetting other cans in a shrink-wrapped pack, leading to other can failures.

For stress corrosion solutions, specify advanced single- or multi-lane can-drying tunnels which use low-pressure oil-free air to blow away moisture. So you can meet and exceed the industry standard of <3mg on the can end.

Y-shaped slots in the plates remove all moisture from the vulnerable ring-pull area. This design is scalable, ready for when you ramp up production. Get expert advice – we can tell you how fast your production will be with a new ACI air drying system.

Get expert technical advice – we can tell you how fast your production will be with a new ACI air drying system. And how soon it will start saving you money.

Can Drying Series:
  • Exceed beverage makers stress corrosion standard – with less of 3mg moisture on can end
  • Up to 90% energy saving compared to compressed air systems
  • High quality, robust food-grade stainless steel enclosure
  • Capable of drying specific areas or complete containers on high-speed lines
  • The enclosure reduces operational noise levels and contains spray
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor type
  • Custom solutions available to meet specific requirements
  • In-house quality manufacture
Stress corrosion solution:
  • The enclosed chamber operates more efficiently than with conventional ‘open’ systems
  • Spray containment and lower noise levels
  • Modular system which can be adapted to suit existing line arrangements
  • Custom solutions available to meet specific requirements
  • Design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Deliver low pressure (20-30mBar), oil-free, clean air
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Testing Moisture on cans
ACI Can Tunnel to remove stress corrosion

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Advanced quieter air blowers
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manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers
across the world.

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