• Cost-effective bottle, can and container dryers.
• Compact air knife systems for craft breweries.
• Dry up to 10,000 bottles or 6,000 cans per hour.


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Quiet, efficient air drying systems you can depend on:

Cost-effective, off-the-shelf air drying systems for craft breweries. Proven technology that’s simple to set up. And fully supported by expert engineers.

• CB-C Craft Beer Can Drying System for 330ml to 568ml cans – a top-mounted single-shot dryer and two 300 mm aluminium air knives will dry up to 6,000 cans/hour.

Download the full specifications.

• CB-B Craft Beer Bottle Drying System for production lines up to 10,000 bottles/hour. Includes two 600 mm stainless steel air knives with additional Loc-Line ® flexible nozzles to dry crown caps and necks. Easy to install, does not need adjusting afterwards.

Download the full specifications.

Small, smart air drying systems for agile, ambitious craft breweries.

Need something larger or more specialised? Worried your existing air dryers are blowing contaminants around? Concerned about noise levels? Issues with spray? Contact our engineers, and ask about enclosed systems and air filtration.


Craft Brewery systems:
  • Aluminium air knives mounted to the sides of the conveyor to dry the main body of the bottles or cans
  • Designed for specific craft breweries line speeds and sizes
  • Centrifugal blower to deliver clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Custom solutions available to meet specific requirements
  • Low energy consumption and reduced downtime
  • Versatile range providing hygienic performance
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Testing Laboratory
ACI Testing Laboratory

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50+ years of technical expertise
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US (Maine) subsidiary. Distributors,
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Advanced quieter air blowers
that take up less space.

UK designed and
manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers
across the world.

Case Studies: ACI Bottle Drying Systems In Action

AB Inbev

Madison River Brewery

How ACI dried Madison River Brewing Co’s bottles (and helped to cut costs): “ACI’s system solved all our problems. The pricing was the best.”


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Killarney brewery

Solving Killarney Brewing Company’s crown cap and labelling issues: “ACI were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their team listened and understood our problem and worked to get a simple solution in place quickly.”

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