What type of fans does ACI manufacture?

ACI manufactures high-quality curved forward-bladed centrifugal fans, available in single, three-phase, DC, or 400Hz, and ATEX/IECEx rated versions. An extensive range of radial-bladed units is also available.

What are the maximum pressures ACI fans can produce?
Pressures up to 300Mbar (120 In.Swg).
Where are ACI fans manufactured?
Our fans are manufactured in our main facility which is based in Devon, UK. However some of our North American customers are taking advantage of our manufacturing facility in Maine. All of the fans built here are designed in the UK and are manufactured to full UK specifications and designs.
What exactly is ATEX?
ATEX 94/9/EC is the directive on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Is ATEX a legal requirement?
As of the 1 July 2003 the directive became EU law and any equipment, electrical or mechanical for installation within the EU member states must now comply.
What industries do ACI supply?

ACI currently supplies fan units to many applications and industries, including Oil and Gas, Combustion, Food and Beverage, Paper, Steel, Textiles, Rubber and Plastics. View our applications page for further information.

Can ACI replace other manufacturers fan units?

Yes, we can probably offer an alternative and would be pleased to chat about the fan’s performance details you require. Please call +44 (0)1297 630960

My company is not based in the UK – how do I purchase a fan from you?

ACI has an extensive Distributor Network. If we do not have representation in your country, ACI will be happy to deal directly with you.

Do ACI offer customised products?
At ACI we can design, manufacture and install any customised product to fit your requirements. We will even visit your company site to carry out an evaluation of required use.
What is the relationship between ebm-papst and ACI?
ACI is a  privately owned company that has worked with ebm papst for many years, and since 1999 has been an official UK Distributor for them in the area of Industrial Engineering.
Can ACI supply ebm-papst's product outside of the UK?
No we cannot – ACI are only a UK Distributor in the area of Industrial Engineering. To locate your nearest ebm-papst distributor, please visit the ebm-papst website.
Where can I find ebm-papst user manuals?
ebm-papst user manuals are available to download from the ebm-papst website. To download a user manual, please click here.
What range of volumes can ACI industrial fans convey?
Volume rates up to 212,000 m³/hr (360,000CFM)
What materials are your fans typically constructed from?
ACI fans are typically manufactured from cast aluminium or sheet steel – unpainted or powder coated. Other options include Stainless Steel 304 and 316.
Does my fan have to comply with ATEX?
Yes if it is installed in an onshore zoned area within the EU. Many of our international customers are adopting ATEX as good practice.
Can ACI certify fans?
Yes, ACI has been producing fans to the ATEX requirements for Group II equipment with gas and dust hazards for many years and is now one of the leading fan manufacturers in Europe.
ATEX Fans - where do I start?

As part of the ATEX Directive, we have a duty to liaise with our customers and obtain particular information to enable us to select fans of the correct category and certification to satisfy application requirements. To assist you with your enquiries and to help us formulate an appropriate proposal, we offer our ATEX Fan Enquiry Form for completion and submission – this acts as a basis to discuss and agree on your requirements.

Can ACI provide spares?

At ACI we can provide all spares and accessories for any of our fan units.

Can you work to large specification and stringent requirements?
At ACI we have a dedicated project department consisting of experienced technical engineers and draughtsmen; set up and trained to handle large specifications and customer requirements that call for most stringent of details.
What are ACI's standard lead times?
For our standard fans/blowers we generally have a lead time of 2-3 weeks depending on how busy we are. Bespoke products generally have a lead time of 4-7 weeks including the design dependent on the complexity. We never promise what we think we cannot deliver, so we will keep you informed every step of the development.
What happens if my fan is damaged?
If your fan has been damaged in any way then please call ACI, stating the serial number that is printed on the fan label.  We will then arrange to collect the fan (U.K. only) and inspect the damage and inform you of the action to be taken.
Does ACI supply ebm-papst’s entire product portfolio?

ACI stocks and sells the complete range of ebm-papst products and specialises in supplying air delivery/extraction solutions for industrial applications, process engineering, catering and filtration systems. A selection of ebm-papst products are also available to buy online – please visit our online shop.

Are there minimum order quantities applicable to ebm-papst products?

Yes, there are – Minimum Order Quantities or MOQs may exist for certain part numbers if products are not held in stock. You will need to contact ACI’s Sales Department if you have a particular request or enquiry.