Combustion fans give stable, reliable air flow required for burner systems

Combustion Air Fans

With any conventional burning process a good air delivery system is key. Burner systems are widely used throughout various industries for both heating and drying purposes. ACI combustion fans supply consistent air flow and circulation to provide the pressures and the long lasting quality required for combustion air systems. Furthermore ACI combustion air fans give stable, reliable and efficient airflow and every combustion fan we manufacture can be made suitable for inverter use to give even more flexibility.

Combustion fans are also part of a boiler’s burner system and are necessary to provide enough combustion air to the burners. The amount of air allowed into a boiler is typically controlled by louvers, inlet guide vanes, or variable speed drives. Configuring a combustion fan to allow the proper amount of air into the burner can improve boiler efficiency, yielding energy savings and better system reliability.