• Speed up combustion process.
• Optimised operation costs.
• Lower carbon footprint

Consistent airflow circulation for maximum fuel combustion.
An efficient burning process – better heat generation and reduced energy costs.

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Why The Wrong Fan Can Affect Your Process?

Specifying an off-the-shelf fan or using an existing fan might turn out to be a false economy. The airflow and pressure required for the combustion process depend on the size and design of the boiler or incinerator and the type of fuel used.

If the fan generates too much air, it cools the furnace, wastes fuel, and reduces energy production. On the other hand, too little air limits the combustion process and leaves unburnt fuel, leading to a reduction in energy yield. It might also produce smoke and soot, which can be damaging to the environment.

Industrial Fans for Combustion Industry

Combustion fans provide constant and precise airflow that will:

Enhance the burning process of biomass-fired boilers and optimise energy yield for central heating and hot water systems.
Reduce the environmental impact of biomass boilers by facilitating a clean burn of smoke and gases.
Deliver warm air to dry raw materials for agricultural purposes or pellet manufacture.
Generate highly efficient combustion levels for safe and cost-effective disposal of potentially dangerous waste.

An ACI combustion fan installation will maximise your boiler efficiency, help modulate your incinerator air control, and reduce your overall fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
All fans are engineered in the UK with high-quality materials to meet industry standards and can be custom designed to suit your application or specifications.

Combustion Fans
  • Versatile construction – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium
  • Flow Rates Up to 200,000 M³/Hr
  • Pressure up to 150 Mbar
  • Custom solutions available to meet your specific requirements
  • Special paint and fan case options
  • ‘Witness testing’ offered
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Testing Moisture on Bottles
ACI Testing Moisture on Bottles
Combustion Fans for Incinerator

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