System Solutions for Plastic and Rubber

In any industry producing strip products such as rubber or plastic, air knife technology is a proven and effective method of drying product surfaces during the manufacturing process. It has the added benefit of producing product that is both stain and streak free.

Additionally air knives can also help prevent any threat of unwanted contamination due to the crossover of chemicals.

A detailed example of tried and tested drying is within the automotive tyre industry – air knives are utilised in a number of processes which include:

Drying the continuous rubber extrusion once it has been cooled
Removing all excess moisture from the rubber strip once it has been mitred
Removing all excess anti-tack material.

Other plastic and rubber applications include:

Cooling plastic film
Removal of static charges/dust contamination from large plastic components such as TV casings, plastic automotive-bumpers.

Drying continuous extrusion or component parts is easily achieved with Air Knives