ACI Profile Dryer

Profile Dryer

ACI Profile Dryer is the perfect solution for drying complex profiles such as EPDM rubber extrusions, silicone seals, fillers and asymmetric plastic extrusions without risks of distortion.
The profile dryer not only improves rubber and seal drying efficiencies when compared to compressed air nozzle arrangements but also lowers energy consumption and therefore reduces operating costs.

Key Features:
• No compressed air
• Enhanced drying efficiency
• Reduced energy and water consumption

Profile Dryer – Product Sheet




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The Profile Dryer is the perfect solution for drying complex profiles such as EPDM rubber extrusions, silicon seals, fillers and asymmetric plastic extrusions without risks of distortion. The system draws out and drains moisture from cables, wires and extrusions and where water recycling or spray containment is important.

The unit consists of an innovative blower-driven solution that uses vacuum, with no water or oil content to remove water without damaging ordistorting the extrusions. The profile dryer not only improves rubber and seal drying efficiencies when compared to compressed air nozzle arrangements but  also lowers energy consumption and therefore considerably reduces running costs. Drying speed varies with profile size.

The unit is fully enclosed with a small footprint to easily fit into most production lines. The main enclosure contains a lateral channel blower and cooling fan as well as a water separator which drains water as it reaches a certain level. The drying head can be configured to meet customer’s profile specifications.


The Power Pack

The profile dryer is designed with an integrated version in its unit.

• 50Hz to 60Hz power input options
• Pressure of up to 200 mbar
• Noise level up to 80 dB(A)
• Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation

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General Characteristics:

Product Specifications

Inlet Pressures: up to – > 80″wg (2.8PSI)
Process Air Temperature: ambient
Size: 0.008″ – 2.56″
Running speed: up to 328ft/min

Standard Electrical Supply

1Ph, 220 60Hz
3Ph, 460V, 60Hz
IP66 motor protection


Flexi-Hose: Reinforced PVC Metal work: Stainless Steel 304 Rollers: Ceramic

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