Fans for Printing Applications

ACI offers a wide variety of fans for the various stages of the production process in the printing and graphic arts industry.

Due to the unstable chemicals and compounds used, fans are often required to remove and exhaust harmful fumes and odours produced into the atmosphere. Our fans are engineered to work within exhaust systems by either supplying the clean air or exhausting the dirty air.

Vacuum blowers are required for a variety of applications in the pre-press area, including preparing images and film for scanning or exposure and for copying printing plates. There are also many applications where over-pressure is needed as well, such as for guiding plates or film in automatic systems. In classic sheet fed offset presses, vacuum blowers are always needed for paper handling – at the feeder to separate the sheets, to feed the single sheets to the different colour-aggregates or to guide the sheets through the machine.

All these applications need different amounts of air at different pressures which can be supplied by ACI’s range of vacuum blowers.

Further printing applications include:

Vacuum hold down for screen print tables
Assisting UV lamp curing
Cooling UV lamps
Enhancing printing driers and label printing machinery.

ACI’s multi stage fans are ideal for vacuum hold down applications