ACI Fully Enclosed Drying System

Fully Enclosed

The LNL Enclosure Series is ACI’s premium drying system configuration. The centrifugal blower (typically ACI’s EP10A compact blower) and the air delivery device(s) are both housed within a robust, 304 Stainless Steel Enclosure which is supported by an adjustable Stainless Steel Leg Kit. This design protects the centrifugal blower from any water-spray contamination and attenuates noise levels well below 85dB(A). Noise reduction plates are also fitted to both the exit and entry points of the enclosure, which further reduces noise levels.

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ACI offer a number of different options for the ‘LNL’ configuration, all of which depend on the air delivery devices that have been recommended for your application and the space available. All LNL options have adjustable leg kits, and have the additional option of having pre-fitted conveyor plates supplied.

“Mini” LNL

986mm (long) x 1011mm (wide) Integrated blower (2.2kW 5MS11 Multi Stage Blower)

“Standard” LNL

1676mm (long) x 1048mm (wide) Integrated blower (5.5-15.0kW EP10A Compact Blower)


2945mm (long) x 980mm (wide) Integrated blower (5.5-15.0kW EP10A Compact Blower)

Main Features

(Available on all enclosure versions)

System Components

All of the enclosure options offered can be used in conjunction with any of the unique ACI range of Air Delivery Options shown below. Click through to see more information on each product.

Air Knives

Aluminium, stainless steel and modular Air Knives in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Jet Plates

ACI’s unique Jet Plate system for enhanced performance and faster product changeover.

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Can Tunnels

A can drying system that eliminations any risk of stress corrosion on can lids or bases.

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Cap & Neck Dryers

Specifically designed products for removing moisture from difficult areas of bottles.

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Mini LNL
Standard LNL

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