ACI’s can drying systems feature specially configured slots that direct air to remove water from cans efficiently whilst driving it downwards and out of the enclosed area.

These are available in both single and multi-lane configurations.


Overview – Can Tunnels


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Can Tunnel – Features & Benefits


  • All water spray and noise contained/reduced
  • Simple & quick to install
  • Simple adjustment for different can heights with a couple of options available
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Water dispersed by innovative “Y” shaped slot design
  • Design produces less turbulence and noise than conventional air knife solutions
  • Uses low pressure air 
  • Can be applied to single or multi lane conveyor lines


A can drying system that fully satisfies the elimination of stress corrosion by removing the required amount of water from can lids as defined by the Practice Code drawn-up jointly by the MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers’ Association) and BLRA (Brewers’ and Licensed Retailers Association).

Standard Construction:

The Can Drying Tunnel is constructed from polypropolene with a stainless steel plenum and adjustment plate. The tunnel acts as a baffle plate for both sound and liquid.

Standard Dimensions:

ACI’s Can Drying Tunnels are available in a number of different configurations depending on parameters such as the speed of conveyor line and the area of the can that is required to be dried.

Drawing – Single Line

Drawing – Multi Line

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