ACI Open Drying System

Open System

Without compromising reliability or performance, ACI’s Open Blower System is designed to offer a ‘bare bones’ drying solution that does not compromise drying performance efficiency. This system is ideal particularly for budget-restricted and low-volume applications.

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The RM system is characterised by having no enclosures supplied for either spray contamination or noise attenuation. The blower must be positioned a minimum of 3 metres (to prevent water ingress into the blower) and a maximum of 10 metres from the drying area (to prevent system performance losses). The blower type recommended for this system will be determined by such factors as the line speed and nature of the application.


  • Easy to install over existing lines
  • Low maintenance – robust and proven designs
  • Small footprints
  • Utilise ACI’s leading compact blower technology
  • UK manufactured

Main Features

System Components

All of the enclosure options offered can be used in conjunction with any of the unique ACI range of Air Delivery Options shown below. Click through to see more information on each product.

Air Knives

Aluminium, stainless steel and modular Air Knives in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Jet Plates

ACI’s unique Jet Plate system for enhanced performance and faster product changeover.

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Can Tunnels

A can drying system that eliminations any risk of stress corrosion on can lids or bases.

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Cap & Neck Dryers

Specifically designed products for removing moisture from difficult areas of bottles.

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Outline Drawings

Open System

(Shown with Air Knives)

Open System

(Shown with Can Tunnel)

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