Destratification Fans

ACI’s destratification fans are one of the simplest energy reduction technologies which can be installed into both new and existing buildings and are rated by the Carbon Trust as one of the top carbon reducing initiatives for any type of building.

With any conventional air heating system warm air will rise to roof level by natural convection. In high buildings such as factories, warehouses and sports centres, this can result in high temperature gradients and consequently increased energy usage. ACI’s fans reverses the natural convection process, recirculating warm air back to working level providing a permanent reduction in roof space temperature and uniform temperature distribution.

Performance Characteristics


  • Consists of a unique aerodynamic cowling, combined with directional fins and a high quality fan.
  • Fan produces a long throw of air for most demanding applications/environments.
  • Constructed from a tough polyethylene cowl (460mm long x 580mm height/width).
  • The fan’s air flow is 6,000 m³/hr and power consumption is 400W (approx).
  • Highly efficient, results in low energy consumption.
  • Supplied complete with cable, plug (US/Euro/UK), and a choice of either hanging chains for roof mounting or universal stand for floor mounting.
  • Options include heating elements, speed controllers and thermostats and different power supplies.

Typical Applications:


  • Factory Cooling & Ventilation
  • Hot Spot Cooling
  • Summer Ambient Cooling
  • Destratification / Heat Recovery in Winter
  • Fume Extraction


 Models Available:220/240V, 1Ph, 50Hz
110V, 1Ph, 50Hz
 Airflow:6,000 m³/hr
 Fan Speed:1290 rpm
 Power Consumption:400 Watts (approx)
 Noise Levels:65dB(A) @ 1m Free Air
 Body Materials:LDPE
 Nett Weight:14.5Kg (with chains) / 16Kg (with stand)
 Dimensions:Length: 460mm, Width/Height: 580mm
 Ancilliaries:Ceiling hanging kit, floor stand


Ceiling mounted ACI JetFans should only be used in areas with a heigh in excess of – 5m (16ft).
The volume of the building needs to be estimated – length x width x avg height.
1 x JetFan will be required for every 1200m³ (42,000 Ft3).
Ideally the gap between a fan and wall should be half that of the distance between two fans.



In a 7m tall warehouse with an 800m2 floor area, operating a single-shift five day week, a warm air heating system uses approximately 56,000 kW/hr of gas per year.  A destratification system would cut energy consumption by around 20% saving £280 per year, based on a gas price of 2.5p/kWh. Depending on ease of access, installing the fan would recoup your costs in just over 4 years.