Drying Systems For Cable, Wire & Extrusion

Our Air Wipe Systems are engineered to dry extruded parts, cable, wire, tube, hose or pipe. Residual moisture film from water-cooled insulated wire/cable and extruded products is removed effectively & efficiently.  We combine quality manufacturing with rigorous testing to produce industrial drying systems you can depend on.

ACI’s Air Wipe is blower-driven, offering an innovative solution that achieves both major running cost savings and vastly improved drying efficiencies when compared to compressed air nozzle arrangements. Enquiries are handled by our dedicated applications team, who understand the challenges you face in wire, cable and extrusion manufacturing.

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Cable Drying System

•  Line speeds up to 1,200m/min •  0.2 to 65mm product diameter

Profile Drying System

• Line speeds up to 100m/min •  0.2 to 65mm product diameter


What is an air wipe?


Moisture is one of the main issues encountered during cable and wire manufacturing as it can significantly affect production cost and efficiency.

Air wipes systems are an intrinsic part of that production process – they are designed to remove moisture from the materials at the different manufacturing stages.

They are particularly useful in protecting equipment such as spark testers and diameter gauges from being damaged by water droplets and giving false readings during testing.

ACI Air Wipe systems use circular blower-driven air to clean, dry, and cool cables,
wires, extrusions, hoses, pipes during the manufacturing process.

The air is channelled through the module and distributed via custom outlets designed for optimum drying efficiency.

Following the cooling trough or quenching tank, the wet material enters the air wipe system to be exposed to drying air jets.

The split design of the module enables easy clamping around the material surface as it moves through it.

Our Air Wipe system is contained in a stainless steel enclosure to reduce noise levels and water spray for safer and cleaner production lines.

The system is available with a choice of different drying modules to accommodate most diameters and shapes.

Each unit is designed to sustain the speed and heat required for their respective manufacturing specifications.