Bottle and Can Drying for All Sizes, Shapes & Line Speeds

ACI’s DRI-Line Series is a range of bottle and can drying systems specifically designed for the Global Food and Beverage Industries.

The ACI DRI-Line Series is a proven bottle and can drying solution for filling line speeds from 100’s to 1000’s of bottles or cans per hour, providing efficient and effective drying solutions for all containers prior to ink jet coding, glass/PET bottles pre-labelling, and removing all moisture prior to packing.

Additionally ACI’s DRI-Line Series have been designed to reduce all running costs as well as lessen operational and maintenance issues.

Air Delivery Options for Bottle and Can Drying:

Testing Facility

Air Control Industries test facility provides a means of demonstrating the efficiency of both its bottle and can drying units and their suitability for applications regarding drying efficiency of different product sizes and speeds of throughput.

The 10m x 2m conveyor-based demonstration facility runs at speeds of up to 55,000 bottles/hr and 60,000 cans/hr. Bottle sizes ranging from 125 ml up to 3-litre PET and all standard can sizes used in the soft and alcoholic drinks markets can be handled.

With can drying, as well as offering visual evidence of drying, ACI also provides test facilities to verify drying standards achieved. For example, a code of Practice Code drawn-up jointly by the MPMA (Metal Packaging

Manufacturers’ Association) and BLRA (Brewers’ and Licensed Retailers Association) relating to can drying is followed.


Air Control Industries is a member of the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association
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